follow my journey

growing zero to profit—

the outcome is zen

– a haiku by me, your friendly blog host

Hi, my name’s Lee Ann and I have a problem.

I’ve spent a stupid amount of money on a bunch of websites.

I’ve got affiliate sites, a dropshipping store, an ecommerce service provider, and a blog (that’s what you’re reading) all on my hosting plan. And I’ve made a vow that I’m not going to let them collect dust on my hard drive.

Over the next year, I’ll be growing them to be profitable using social media, SEO, and email marketing techniques. Not only that, I’m going to see which of these online business is best to run long term, using my “zen score” formula which factors in profits, difficulty, upfront expenditures, and happiness.

Welcome to the Follow me on my journey to uncover the most zen way to profit online.